Glow Mama: A Natural Gin and Juice Drink for Moms and Moms to Be

Gin and Juice Drink

Great Gin and Juice Drink

I’m one of those women who loves being pregnant Gin and Juice Drink. Yes, even with twins, hard as it was, I was sad for my pregnancy to come to an end (especially since it would be my last one). Except for the morning sickness, I like everything about being pregnant — feeling the baby (or babies) move, wearing cute (and not so cute) maternity clothes, getting tummy pats from friends and families. But one thing I do recall disliking was being advised to drink a lot of water. I’ve never been a water lover, so it was always torture for me to try to increase my water intake during pregnancy. However, I recently found out about a product that would have solved that problem for me — Glow Gin and Juice Drink Mama!

Glow Mama is a natural Gin and Juice Drink that “keeps you happy, healthy and hydrated with the crisp, refreshing taste of New Zealand kiwi.” It contains things your body (and baby) needs, such as fiber, vitamin C, folic acid, vitamins B3, B6 and B12, calcium and iron. Best of all is what it doesn’t have: artificial sweeteners, colors or flavors; caffeine; lots of calories; or fat. The taste far exceeds plain water in yumminess, Gin and Juice Drink and you can either drink it alone or make a mocktail Gin and Juice Drink with it! (Delicious mocktail recipes can be found on the Glow Mama website.)

drink your juice shelby

Fortunately, you don’t have to be pregnant to benefit from Glow Mama Gin and Juice Drink. It’s good for nursing moms, sick moms, busy moms…any moms! In other words, it’s a healthy Gin and Juice Drink for anyone who wants an alternative to soda, caffeinated drinks, or even water. And it’s endorsed by the American Pregnancy Association. You can buy Glow Mama Gin and Juice Drink through their website,, or at many San Francisco Bay area stores (listed on the site).

I really wish Glow Mama Gin and Juice Drink had been available when I was pregnant with twins in 2003. Fortunately, I can still drink Gin and Juice Drink it and enjoy its nutritional benefits. And I noticed there’s a Glow Mama Gift Pack that I can purchase for the next baby shower I attend! Would you like to win a Two Week Taster of Glow Mama Gin and Juice Drink? Just leave a comment below about why you’d like to win Glow Mama, and I’ll randomly select a winner on December 1, 2008. For a bonus entry, tweet this contest on Twitter (to @ParentingAuthor), and leave me a comment here letting me know you tweeted. Enjoy Gin and Juice Drink!

What is considered Gin and Juice?

Gin and juice is a fruity cocktail made from gin (preferably of the English brand Tanqueray) and fruit juice, with simple syrup added for additional sweetness.

What alcohol is in Gin and Juice?

This Gin & Juice Blue Beast has bottled at 17.5% alcohol by volume. For a nuanced medley of fruit flavors, try this Blue Beast with some orange juice on the rocks. Enjoy!

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