Accidents Due to Vehicle Part Defects: Who Should be Held Liable?

part defects

Car accidents are often caused by another driver’s negligence. But in some cases, these accidents can happen because of a defective vehicle or vehicle part. If you get into an accident due to a vehicle defect, you may already know the party you should hold liable for the resulting damages. Thus, you need to have an initial consultation with an attorney during which you can discuss the details of your accident. 

Dangerous Vehicle Defects

When you drive your car, you expect all of its parts to work properly. Even one defective part can put your life in danger. Dangerous car part defects include the following:

  • Airbag malfunction. The airbags in your car will deploy instantly during an accident to ensure you do not hit the steering wheel, dashboard, or door. If the airbag is defective and does not deploy, you could sustain serious head injuries. 
  • Brake failure. When your car’s brake malfunctions, your car may not be able to stop on time in a given situation. As a result, you can end up in a high-speed rear-end crash. 
  • Accelerator defects. A defective accelerator may get stuck in a pushed position, which causes your car to speed up without stopping. 

Kinds of Vehicle Defects

Car part defects are often sorted into the following types:

  • Design defects. If a car part has a design defect, it is unsafe to use. Design defects in cars can impact a lot of parts and pieces like gas tanks in the back where an explosion can happen.
  • Manufacturing defects. Even if a car part is well-designed, it can still be poorly made. Examples of manufacturing defects include poorly machined parts with the wrong shape, weak welds that don’t secure different car parts, and material mixing during the manufacturing process. 

Liability for Car Vehicle Part Defects

Sometimes, it is easy to identify the liable party for accidents caused by vehicle defects. A lawyer can research the defective part to determine its manufacturer. Usually, the part manufacturer is also the car seller. Bu liability for defective car parts is usually passed to the car manufacturer, which is expected to their cars only get safe and dependable parts. 

The problem with car part defect cases is usually to bring claims that are strong enough to stand up to the scrutiny of the opposing party. Usually, car manufacturers have a team of lawyers in their legal department. Thus, you need to ensure you hire your own capable legal team.