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Chromebooks have been growing in popularity since they were first introduced and are getting increasingly better. Best buy chromebook can now run Android applications, for instance, which makes them more versatile than ever before. They still have a few limitations, however, and you must know what these are before you start shopping for one, or you might be in for some disappointment. Let’s take a look at what Chromebooks have to offer and some of their drawbacks, so you can get a better idea of whether they’re for you or not.

Chromebooks are Great for the Price

Pound for pound, you will never beat a Chromebook in terms of specs for the money. You have Chromebooks out there for under $500 that have 2.2ghz processors and advanced features like touch screens and backlit keyboards. You’d have to pay $800 to have this type of package on a regular laptop. So, if you’re looking for a cheap machine that can handle heavy tasks with optimal performance, you might find something in the best buy chromebook section.

Chromebooks Have a Cap on Specs

You won’t see a Chromebook with an advanced Nvidia or AMD GPU, however, and don’t expect to see one with more than 3ghz on the processor. Not everyone needs best buy chromebook, but serious heavy users will have a hard time finding a Chromebook that can keep up, so be ready for that.

Chromebooks are Much Safer

You can have a Chromebook for years and not once have to run an anti-malware or antivirus program on it. This is one of the joys of ChromeOS. The operating system does not allow as much access as others, such as Windows, and this makes it almost impossible for hackers or malware to access critical functions. And, since fewer people are using Chromebooks, hackers don’t spend so much time building malware or finding ways to infiltrate their architecture.

If security is important for you and you’re sick of not being able to use your machine because of virus attacks, getting best buy chromebook could be a good option.

Best Buy Chromebook

Chromebooks Can’t Run Windows Applications

One thing you absolutely need to know about Chromebooks is that you can’t just install apps on them like you would on a regular Windows or Apple laptop. Apps have to be installed as Chrome extensions for you to be able to use them. This means that you could come across a neat new program but not be able to use it on your Chromebook because there isn’t an extension for it yet.

If this is a turn-off for you but you still want some of the benefits of Chromebooks, we suggest you look at IdeaPads from Lenovo. Most best buy chromebook are modified IdeaPads with ChromeOS on them, and IdeaPads are much cheaper than the average laptop, but with decent specs. They also have the neat compact form of Chromebooks and the better battery life they’re known for.

If you feel like a Chromebook could work for you, we suggest that you start looking at different options out there. There are tons of different best buy chromebook on the market, and, if you don’t have an issue with some of the limitations of these machines, you should find a perfect one for you in no time.

Which brand is best for Chromebook?

Our pick for the best Chromebook is the Acer Chromebook Spin 713, and we've selected the Lenovo Chromebook Duet for shoppers on a budget. Other picks for the best Chromebooks of 2021 include the Google Pixelbook Go, the Asus Chromebook Flip CX5, and the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2.