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blood pressure high in the morning

High blood pressure high in the morning is one of the chief risk factors for a heart attack or stroke in a man – Overblood.

This health condition is also referred to as hypertension.

Any man can have high blood pressure for years without knowing it. Uncontrolled it can lead to stroke, heart attack, heart failure or kidney failure. In order to know if you have it or not, you have get your blood pressure checked.

It’s estimated that nearly 25% of every man in North America it, but as mentioned above, there aren’t any symptoms.

Nearly one-third of these men who have it don’t know they have it. This is why high blood pressure is know as the “silent killer.”

Every man, regardless of age need to know the facts on high blood pressure and how to live a long heart-healthy life.

You can reduce your risks for heart attack and stroke with proper monitoring by a physician and simple lifestyle changes, even if you have high blood pressure.

“Exactly What Is Blood Pressure High In The Morning?” – Overblood

blood pressure high in the morning  In simple terms this man health condition is the force in the arteries when the heart beats and when it’s at rest. It’s measured in millimeters of mercury (mm Hg).

Even though Blood Pressure High In The Morning and hypertension are often used to symbolize the same thing, there’s a difference…

Hypertension refers to unrelenting or chronic high blood pressure.

A man is considered to have Blood Pressure High In The Morning when his pressure reading is 140/90 or higher. A typical, healthy reading for a man is 120/80.

The top number is referred to as systolic pressure and indicates the force that your blood is pumped through your arteries by the heart when it beats; the bottom number is diastolic and indicates the pressure when the heart resting.

As previously mentioned, Blood Pressure High In The Morning unequivocally increases the risk of coronary heart disease (which leads to heart attack) and stroke in a man.

Nevertheless, this man health condition is more than just a result of the beating and non-beating of a heart muscle; it is also dependent on the health of the arteries, kidneys, and brain.

“What Can Cause High Blood Pressure In A Man?” – Overblood

blood pressure high in the morning

Primarily high blood pressure falls into two different categories; essential and secondary.

The essential type of Blood Pressure High In The Morning makes up almost 95% of all cases.

Unfortunately, the main root of essential high blood pressure is still unknown. However, there are several factors –- both genetic and environmental –- that experts on Blood Pressure High In The Morning believe contribute to it.

If a man has a history of this health condition in his family then his risks can also be higher.

In addition a man is has double the chance of developing high blood pressure than a woman.

For a man who doesn’t exhibit any high blood pressure symptoms, the most commonly reported are: headaches, lethargy, and tinnitus (ringing in the ears).

Here are several factors that may contribute to this man health condition and put you at risk for heart attack and stroke:

  • Obesity — If a man has a body mass index (BMI) of 30.0 or higher he’ll be more likely to develop high blood pressure.

Even a few excess pounds can cause this health condition in a man. Try to stick to a sensible diet high in vegetables, fruits, and nuts, and reduce your consumption of sugar.

blood pressure high in the morning

Try and drink eight 8 oz glasses of water daily. Studies have shown that mild hypertension can benefit from this.

  • Too Much Salt In The Diet — This will cause high blood pressure in many men.

Try to drastically reduce sodium intake in your diet. You really don’t need to add salt to anything.

  • Alcohol — Heavy and regular use of alcohol can quickly cause high blood pressure in many men.
  • Lack Of Exercise — An inactive lifestyle makes it easier for a man to become overweight and unhealthy and will drastically increase the chance of high blood pressure.

This is a no-brainer, start to exercise on a regular basis.

  • Stress — This is often mentioned as a risk factor, but stress levels are hard to measure, and responses to stress vary from man to man.

This health condition can hurt the internal workings and health of a man in many different ways.

This man health condition will increase the workload of your heart and arteries. Because your heart must work harder than normal for a long time, it tends to get bigger.

A slightly bigger heart, or enlarged heart may have difficulity meeting your body’s demands.

High blood pressure can occur in children or adults, but it’s more common in a man over age 35.

In addition, if a man has diabetes, gout or kidney disease, he’ll be more likely to develop high blood pressure.

“Nutritional Support For High Blood Pressure” – Overblood

blood pressure high in the morning

It is important to understand that severe hypertension requires immediate medical supervision and treatment. There are prescription drugs on the market made for high blood pressure and you should always seek the advice of your physician first.

If a man has mild hypertension, lifestyle changes and supplements may offer a promising alternative to prescription drugs, especially considering the unpleasant side effects these drugs can produce.

The following nutritional supplements show the most potential for treating this man health condition:

  • Calcium — is a vital mineral that’s been shown to reverse high blood pressure. Most people know this nutrient as crucial for healthy bones and teeth, but it also plays a pivotal role for normal muscle contraction; as such, it’s important for the proper functioning of the heart.
  • Magnesium — is needed for the proper absorption of calcium, and aids in the flow of blood through arteries and vessels.
  • Vitamin D — also needed for the proper absorption of calcium.
  • Hawthorne Berry –- one of the most prescribed natural remedies in Europe, noted for its powerful heart health benefits, which includes protecting arterial walls, dilating blood vessels, and strengthening the heart’s pumping ability – Overblood.
  • Vitamin C –- powerful antioxidant that helps dilate (widen) blood vessels.
  • Amino acid L-Arginine — evidence shows that this nutrient can widen blood vessels.
  • Coenzyme Q10 –- More than 3 out of 10 men with this man health condition are estimated to be deficient in this crucial nutrient.

“Valuable Summary Of What You Need To Know About High Blood Pressure”

blood pressure high in the morning

Almost any man can develop high blood pressure and an amazingly high number of men actually have it, which is another indicator of heart disease/stroke risk.

Prescription drugs are often prescribed for high blood pressure but they should be a last resort because of the long term damage they can do to your health.

There is no simple solution for this man health condition.

Because of potential side effects try to avoid resorting to prescription drugs for high blood pressure.

Make an effort to lower it by the most reliable natural method…

exercise and good diet and natural supplements.

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