Fundamental Niche for a Commodity Business

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Fundamental niche, The income from any business, from the most modern like a PlayAmo casino mobile app to an old-fashioned beauty salon depends on the niche niche. This applies to stores as well. It’s perfect when, before you start your business, you research possible topic options and choose not only one that’s interesting and enjoyable but also one that can provide enough profit. Here’s how to do it.

Fundamental Niche Classification

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There’s an “academic” definition. A market fundamental niche is an area of the market where there is demand and almost no competition.

But in reality, it usually refers to a particular subject area. For example, if you sell televisions and coffee makers, you work in a fundamental niche of appliances. Fundamental niche can be classified in different ways. This knowledge will not only help you choose a field, but also help you identify specific products that are better to sell.

Wide and narrow. The parameter is determined by the variety in product categories. For example, the store “All for the garden” is a wide fundamental niche, here you can find both tools and seedlings. And “Fertilizer” is a narrower fundamental niche, because it includes one particular category.

The wider the fundamental niche, the more potential customers. But there are many competitors here too, so you will have to invest a lot of effort and money in promotion to get noticed.

The narrower the fundamental niche, the less there are competitors and potential buyers. Finding your audience will be difficult – you will have to work not only with the tools of mass attraction but also to build customer loyalty so that they buy constantly.

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With a pronounced or weakly pronounced seasonality. Seasonal goods are goods that are of interest to customers only during a certain period. For example, skis are bought in winter, and sunscreen in summer. Outside the season, the demand for such goods drops considerably.

Seasonal goods are profitable if the estimated profits for months of demand outweigh periods without demand. It is hard for beginners to start with seasonal goods because it is difficult to predict the volume of sales, to negotiate with suppliers. It’s even harder to survive the slack months without a large profit margin.

As an option, you can combine seasonal and non-seasonal goods. For example, in the store “All for the garden” in the spring you can sell soil, seedlings, fertilizers. In summer, decorations and decorative elements. In the fall and winter, tools for cleaning and taking care of the garden.

Low Competitive


Competitive and low-competitive. Competitive fundamental niche are those in which there are many sellers. There is a struggle for each client, so entering such a niche is difficult at once.

Low-competitive niches are those in which demand far exceeds supply. Few sellers and many buyers. Every store which can offer quality products can count on regular customers and popularity. Low-competitive niches are quite few and all of them are narrow.

In such areas, you will have to invest resources in promotion, and on the detuning from competitors, and on building customer loyalty.

Trending and constant demand. Trending niches are those that sell products at the peak of popularity. But they are usually sold along with other products that are “off-trend.” For example, at one time spinners were trending, and they were sold for much more than their cost price.

Remember that trends often change, sometimes very dramatically. You must either be prepared to reorient yourself sharply to another product, or have time to sell out batches.

To make money here, you first have to find a product that is so popular, then run ads, get ahead of your competitors, and have time before the product’s popularity drops.

What is your niche meaning?

When someone tells you to “find your niche,” they mean you should find the very specific activity or position that sets you apart and in which you can find success or fulfillment.

What is niche marketing?

Niche marketing is a highly targeted form of advertisement. With niche marketing, businesses promote their products and services to a small, specific and well-defined audience. Many organizations adopt this strategy to support an underserved population and reap the rewards of brand loyalty.