Silikids Products for Bad Baby

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In my upcoming book, Boosting Your Bad Baby’s Brain Power, I discuss studies showing a possible link between bisphenol-a (BPA), a chemical that is commonly used in plastic bad baby bottles, and cancers and reproductive problems later in life. A report issued by the U.S. National Toxicology Program said there was “some concern for neural and behavioral effects in fetuses, infants and children at current human exposures.” And Health Canada has said that BPA is particularly harmful to infants. We don’t have conclusive evidence that BPA is harmful — and industry insiders insist that it is safe — but if there are alternatives available, why not do your own research and consider them?

Giuliana Schwab and Stacey Feeley are two moms who turned their concerns about BPA in bad baby products into action. They founded a company called Silikids, which produces a unique line of products that are germ-, mold- and toxin-free, hypoallergenic and made entirely of silicone! A non-porous material made from sand, silicone is an ideal solution for addressing parents’ concerns about BPA in their children’s products. So far, the Silikids collection includes:

  • Siliskins: silicone sleeves for 4- and 8-ounce bottles (glass bottles included)
  • Silibibs: soft and easy-to-clean bibs made entirely of silicone
  • Silipads: stylish silicone kneepads for crawlers and toddlers

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I was able to obtain a sample of all of these products, and I fell in love with them! All the products are available in four great colors. The bibs are super-soft, flexible and easy to clean. The bottle sleeves have little bumps that make them easy to hold so they won’t slip out of your hands, and holes on the side so you can see how much liquid is left in the bottle. And the silipads you have got to see these adorable little knee pads!

How do you get your own Silikids products? Just order online at! Even if you’re done having babies, these products make fabulous gifts for new eco-conscious moms who are concerned about their bad baby exposure to plastic products.

You can also win a free set of Silikids products! This set includes: 1 silibib (green), 1 siliskin (green) with accompanying 8-ounce glass bottle and silicone nipple, 1 siliskin (green) for a 4-ounce bottle (bottle not included), and two silipads in orange. To enter the drawing, visit to see the products and leave a comment here indicating which product and color is your favorite. One entry per person please. One winner will get the set I described above. Deadline: Sunday, November 16, 2008 at Midnight EST.

Halloween Treats for Kids with Braces and Sealants

My two oldest sons had sealants placed on their back teeth when they were young, and wore braces when they got older, so they’ve always stayed away from gum and sticky candy, like taffy. This usually meant that they had to throw out or give away half of their Halloween candy collection! (Not a bad thing for their nutrition and weight, though.) More than 4 million children and 1 million adults in the United States and Canada receive orthodontic treatment. This time of year is often the busiest for orthodontists, perhaps because kids have damaged their braces from eating chewy, hard or crunchy candy. If you’re passing out candy this year, you might want to consider purchasing treats that are “braces-friendly.” And if you’re the parent of a child with braces or sealants, be sure to weed out those treats that might damage their dental appliances. The American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) advises kids to stay away from:

  • hard candies
  • chewy candies
  • caramel
  • nuts
  • licorice
  • taffy
  • jelly beans
  • hard pretzels
  • bubble gum
  • popcorn
  • taco chips
  • ice

And they also remind families to brush and floss after eating any kind of sweets.

So what kind of Halloween treats can you make for your kids that won’t hurt their braces or sealants? The AAO website has some great Braces-Friendly Halloween Recipes at They include fun items such as Green Goo Slimedoo, Spider Bites, Spooktacular Pumpkin Cake, and Frightfully Fabulous Cupcake Sandwiches!

It can be difficult for kids to resist certain treats, but remind them that damaged braces can potentially prolong their treatment. Show them that there are plenty of alternatives that are delicious and braces-friendly, too. Have a happy, safe and tooth-healthy Halloween!

What does bad baby mean?

A popular term for a baby with unexpected birth-related defects or injuries, who has a multi-problem clinical course post-partum.

Can a baby not like his mother?

Normally babies develop a close attachment bond with their main caregiver (usually their parents) within the first months of life. If they are in a situation where they do not receive normal love and care, they cannot develop this close bond. This may result in a condition called attachment disorder.

Win a Fabulous Bad Baby Dipper Bowl!

You know a product is going to be great when it’s designed by a mom. I recently confirmed this when I discovered the bad baby dipper bowl, which is a perfect example of Mom Ingenuity in action. Invented by a mother of two sets of young twins, it was her solution to the problem of trying to feed her big family — while keeping one hand free and her floors clean!

Barbara Schantz, inventor of the bad baby dipper bowl, describes how she came up with her fabulous idea: “I was thinking that to accomplish one-handed feeding, the bowl should not slide around on the table, and it should aid in the collection of the bad baby food. A non-slip bottom surface would keep it from sliding. A sloped interior surface and a spoon-shaped collection point would help gather the food down to the last bite. Also, adding to those features, vertical sides would help push food onto the spoon and transparent sides would allow the food to be seen easily by both the parent and the child. The bowl I designed has proven to make feeding much easier for parents and even for toddlers trying to spoon-feed themselves. The bad baby dipper bowl is truly unique in the marketplace and hopefully will help parents everywhere.”

Barbara was kind enough to send me one of her bowls, and my boys thought it was so cool! It’s truly space-age looking, with its triangular design, nonstick base, sloping bottom, and curved spoon. I remember how many times our bowls ended up on the floor when my twins were small. This product would have been a real mess-saver for us! If you’re looking for a really unique and useful gift for someone who’s pregnant or has a bad baby, this fits the bill perfectly!

Barbara is generously allowing me to give a bad baby dipper bowl to four randomly picked readers of this blog! To enter the giveaway, just visit, and then leave a comment on this posting to tell me something you found interesting on the site. (You can also purchase more bowls there, too!) Last day of the contest: November 15, 2008.