Tips for NFL Betting


The 2022 NFL season is right around the corner and with that comes NFL betting. Some people are getting in early by checking out Super Bowl odds while others aren’t sure where to start and are waiting for the season to start. Along with a new NFL season is a new set of new NFL bettors who may not have a clue what to do. Like all sports betting, there isn’t a secret to winning every bet as things are unpredictable at the end of the day.


While there is not just one best way to win NFL bets, there are some tips and strategies to follow that can help you be more profitable. Below you will find those tips and strategies that most successful bettors try to follow when betting on NFL games and futures.

Use Your Head Not Your Heart

It may be obvious to most but to some they need to hear this, betting with emotions rarely goes your way especially in the NFL. If you are betting on your favorite team or betting against a team you hate, make sure you are betting on them with an unbiased opinion. For example, if you are a Vikings fan and hate the Packers who are one of the NFL’s best teams, betting against the Packers every game probably isn’t a smart idea.


Nothing is worse than seeing your most hated team win games while you also lose money. To win more bets, bet less with your heart and more with your head as it is best to put aside your biases and bet based on logic

Check the Injury Reports

As football is the ultimate team game, minor changes can throw off any team whether it is the best player on the team or a role player. Beyond checking latest trends or recent games, making sure to check injury reports is key to picking a winning team. Check to see who has been out of practice, their pre-game status, and what their significance is to the team. Leonard Fournette being out of the game has a much greater challenge around it than his back up running back being out for the game.


Prior to betting a game, make sure you check the latest injury report updates and consider following sports writers or analysts like Adam Schefter who can provide the latest updates on a player’s status.

Make Note of the Game Location

Like all sports, the home team almost always has the advantage. In football factors like the field style, acclimation to weather, and fan noise all go into home field advantage. For example, the Seattle Seahawks are known to have some of the loudest fans in the entire league and have a 103-41 record at home since 2003. There are teams who do not often fit in this as they are losing no matter where they play. The 0-16 Browns and Lions are good examples of this as they lost all their home games. Prior to betting on a team, make sure you check home versus away records for the two teams set to play.


Along with home advantage comes disadvantages for others as there are teams who do not perform well at all on the road. Since 2011, the Jacksonville Jaguars have the worst record by a team on the road, with a record of 16-72. Another example of this is when Eastern Time Zone teams play against Pacific Time Zone teams as they are used to a three hour time difference. If you bet on the Super Bowl, this tip can be ignored as it is rare for either team to play in their home stadium.

Final Remarks

With all sports betting and more importantly NFL betting, basic knowledge of the game won’t get things done as many factors go into a successful bet. With Super bowl lines constantly changing, make sure you do your research. Before betting a game, make sure you are betting using logic not because you love or hate the team. You will also want to check for other key factors like injuries and location of the game being played. The most important tip, have fun and be smart!